2016 News Updates

  • UWC Campus Update-7 November 2016

    Dear Campus Community

    We want to use this communique to update you on the situation on campus over the weekend as well as today.
    Unfortunately, there were a number of serious incidents on campus over the weekend. These include incidents of arson over the weekend which again targeted the ResLife building as well as the A block. We condemn these incidents in the strongest possible terms.

    As you know, exams started this morning at the off-campus venues and we are encouraged by the number of students who turned up to write examinations despite attempts to prevent residence students from writing. Over-all the turn-out for examinations was above 50% with some programmes registering a turn-out of up to 90%.

    Meanwhile, protest action escalated on campus today. This afternoon a University vehicle was overturned and a staff member was held against her will. The staff member was later released following assistance by Campus Protection Services. Later on, protesting students started throwing stones at cars passing on Robert Sobukwe Road and this resulted in further clashes between students and the police. These incidents are very unfortunate and cannot be tolerated.

    We want to encourage residence students who were unable to write exams today to contact their faculties and their contact details are available on the website. We are grateful for alternative arrangements that have already been made to support some of the residence students who were unable to write this morning. Students are, once again, reminded that they have the options of writing all modules in November or in January, or some modules in November and others in January. The January examination details will be communicated later.

    We want to again thank students and staff for their ongoing commitment and hard work towards completing the 2016 academic year, despite the challenges we are facing. Not completing an academic year will have dire consequences for students and the University.

    We will provide a further update tomorrow.

    Yours sincerely
    UWC Executive Management

  • UWC Campus Update - 25 October 2016

    UWC Campus Update - 25 October 2016

    Dear Campus Community,

    The University Executive Management has been receiving various queries, including an email from#UWCFeesWillFall, about management’s participation in a march for decolonised free education for all to Parliament on Wednesday, 26 October 2016.

    UWC’s Executive has decided not to participate in the march to Parliament on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 for the following reasons:
    1. The University’s position as contained in our submission to the Commission on the Funding of Higher Education and as articulated several times is that it supports free education for the poor and financial support for the “missing middle”. (please receive the submission here‚Äč

    2. We remain convinced that a multi-stakeholder engagement will provide an opportunity to dialogue on the different understandings of free education as well as all the other issues.

    Staff who choose to participate, are welcome to do so on an individual and voluntary basis.

    Yours sincerely
    UWC Executive Management