Campus Protection Services

The Campus Protection Services which is our largest Risk and Compliance division is primarily responsible for the safety and security of the entire campus community. CPS is a community-orientated and trust-based campus safety and security department responsible for providing a safe secure living, learning environment at UWC.

Our 24 Hour Emergency Line 021 959 2100 (Extension 2100)

State your name, extension/mobile number, nature of crisis and location.

Then ask the name of the person who takes the call.

 Emergency Preparedness

An emergency is any unplanned event that:

  • threatens employees, visitors and students
  • shuts down the campus
  • causes physical or environmental damage and/or harm

Types of Emergencies

Emergencies may be natural or manmade

Natural Emergencies:

  • Lightning (image HP)
  • Fires (image HP)
  • Floods (image HP)

Manmade emergencies:

  • Fires (image HP)
  • Explosions (image HP)
  • Violence on campus (image HP)
  • Chemical spills (image HP)
  • Hostage situations (image HP)
  • Bomb threats
  • Armed Robbery
  • Medical emergency
  • Power outages

Know your life safety equipment

Fire extinguisher (image HP) Break Glass Box (image HP), First aid box   (image HP) Emergency exit (image HP)

Instruction in case of a fire

  • Raise the alarm if a fire is discovered
  • If the building must be evacuated, do not use the lifts, use the stairways
  • Become familiar with fire equipment and know the evacuation procedures and assembly points
  • Keep an eye out for red emergency signs and follow the arrow directions to the exit and proceed to the assembly points
  • Only use fire extinguisher if you have had training

If you are not confident to fight a fire don’t attempt to do so

 In the event of a building evacuation

  • You will hear an alert alarm, prepare to evacuate
  • Do not panic! Stay calm…
  • Assess the building for specific signage i.e. Green - Evacuation, Red - Fire  (image HP)
  • Evacuate immediately: leave the building via the nearest emergency escape route and proceed to the assembly area directed by Campus Protection Services staff / emergency controllers
  • Do not use the lifts, use the stairs as the lift may be unsafe
  • Listen to the assigned wardens or officers
  • Brisk walking – NO running to avoid injury or chaos
  • Do not re-enter the building until directed to do so by an authorised person

In case of an emergency on Campus

24/7 Emergency Telephone No: (021) 959 2100